How to choose a web hosting for your website in 2021

October 4, 2020

Choosing a web hosting for your website could be confusing sometimes. Here are the 6 aspects you should take in to consideration when choosing a web hosting provider.

1. Reputation of the service provider

Avoid providers with bad reputation, as there might be some problem on their support, uptime, or services. Have a quick search on Google with the provider name. That might give you a glance on how good is the provider. If the provider is pretty new and there is no record online, you might better choose another provider. Everyone don't want their site gone down without notice.

2. Location of the server

Nobody wants to visit a slow website, especially your potential customers or users. The server location should be near the Geo-location of your target audience. If you are serving customer across the globe, consider using a CDN.

3. Server hardware

The hardware that the provider is using is crucial to the performance of your website. Nowadays most web hosting providers are using SSD, or even NVME drive for their server. Just avoid choosing a hosting with HDD. It's slow. If your website is expected to handle a lot of connections at the same time, you might also need to check with the CPU that the server is using. Or even choose to host the site yourself with VPS or dedicated server.

4. Uptime of the server

Uptime refers to the duration of the server or service ruining without shutdown. It's crucial for business. You should be looking for at least 99% uptime. 1% down time means a lot. It's around 87 hours downtime a year. Most providers list stats on their websites. If there's none, ask them about their uptime.

5. Control panel

Most web hosting are using cPanel or DirectAdmin. These two are both fine. Nowadays more hosting are switching to DirectAdmin as the cost is lower. One thing to keep in mind is that some hosting will keep using the old version of the control panel. Therefore it's important to check if the provider is using the up-to-date version of the control panel. As newer version of the control panel will usually offer better security measures and new features.

6. Pricing

There should be more than one service providers meet all the criteria above. You should compare the price and choose one. Most providers offer discount for annual payment. Also some providers have refund policy for you to try out their services. So you can testing multiple providers before choosing one to stick with.


To conclude, choosing a web hosting for your website is not as difficult as you think. Hope this simple guide can help you choose the right hosting for you website. Be sure to read the terms of use before subscribing for the service.

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