Why the loading speed of your website matters?

August 29, 2020

When people ask a web design agency to design their website, they often have to host it themselves. Or worse, they have to pay a subscription fee to the agency to host their site. With either case, most people will not care about the the loading speed of their websites.

Have you ever clicked a link on Google then it turned into a blank page for more then a few seconds before the page is finally available? We all have that experience. But how do you feel about that? Frustrated? Impatient? Worrying about the credibility of the site? Be aware that your customers will be affected by these feeling too, if your site speed is slow.

The CDN provider Cloudflare has a article on how site speed impact the action of users. They quoted a research from skilled.co, which found out that with 2.4s loading speed, the conversion rate is about 1.9%. With 4.2s loading speed, the conversion rate dropped below 1%! And around 47% of the user are expecting 2s or less loading speed of a webpage.

Besides the poor user experience and lower conversion rate, slow website also leads to poor search engine ranking. If your website is slow, your customer will likely close it soon after clicking in in the search results. With such behavior, it lower your ranking on search engine.

To conclude, you should be care about the loading speed of your website. The simplest way is to use the Developer tools in Chrome or Firefox. In case you are looking for a web agency to develop your website or looking for web hosting, be aware of the performance of their hosting server.

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