THE PADDING as a web design company

As a full-stack digital agency, we design and build websites too. Comparing to other web agency, we focus on creating a great experience to your customers. From the loading time of your site to how easy can people find your brand on Google. With The Padding, we migrate your brand online. Including typography, layout, multimedia, hosting, and search engine optimization, and more.

Our team of experts can help you to achieve the goal you want, whether it's reaching to more potential customers or launching a new product campaign.

No matter you are from Hong Kong or anywhere in the world, we are ready to bring your business online. Drop us an email and let's talk about business.

Web design service for every industries

We serve clients from different industries, as we are capable of design website with variety of styles and layouts. With our talented web designers and web developers, we built simple websites like a single-page campaign website, to eCommerce website, even custom-made web application.
Industries we serve includes:
- eCommerce
- education
- agency
- startup
- construction
- restaurant
- coffee shop
- record store
and more...

Why us?

We don't just sell website, we help businesses to solve their pain point related to their online presence.

Here are the selected works that showcase our web design and web development service that trusted by clients.

Premium templates with Elementor

Designing a website from the templates provided by Elementor could be a great start. Choosing a starting point of your liking, then customized the site to reflect your brand. It's time-saving yet making sure your website looks professionally with great design.

With THE PADDING, a throughout customization can be made to meet your needs. For instance, adding animation, call-to-action button, contact form, and more. Changing the layout is also a good way to customize the website for your brand.

Web design from scratch by our  designers

If you want your website with pure aesthetic and uniqueness. We can design your website from scratch. A layout mock-up will be delivered at the first stage the web design process. Upon approval of the mock-up design, we will start implementing the web design into the actual website.
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